What is Radical Media Forum

Radical Media Forum is an ongoing series of talks, symposia, conferences and screenings run by postgraduate students and funded by Goldsmiths Media and Communications Department and the Graduate School. It facilitates discussions from a variety of fields related to media, communications, film and cultural studies.

Its aim is to dissolve the existing barriers between disciplines and rigid categories of research, working from the realisation that media, mediation and communications are in fact closely related to most human and non-human forms of expression. Its ultimate goal is to bring together already existing links between seemingly disparate threads of research thus providing a platform for researchers in different stages of their careers to discuss and question aspects of media theory, visual culture and their history.

Each year, the forum has been devised to incorporate events under a broad theme. This year’s theme (2014-2015) is Detours, Alternatives and Obsolescence: Rethinking Academic Practice in Media, Technology, Art and Film Studies. 

The events that make up the 2014-15 Radical Media Forum will present discussions, screenings and other events that speak of the detours, alternatives and problematize the obsolescence of theoretical discourses, practice-based processes and other forms of academic knowledge production. This broad theme will allow us to reach across and between disciplines, practices and departments, and into a critical inquiry of collective and common academic concerns.

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