Working with Images – Friday 28 Feb 2014

Working with Images is a one-day event in collaboration with postgraduate students at Winchester School of Art. Its aim is to start a conversation between practice and theoretical issues of working with images in the context of academic research.

Jane Birkin, Rima Chahrour and Nina Pancheva-Kirkova (Winchester School of Art) will each discuss a theme of their research with Phaedra Shanbaum, Sarah Beck and Mihaela Brebenel (Goldsmiths University of London). Please the titles of each intervention in the poster along with downloadable PDF abstracts linked to the speakers name below.


Join the discussion on the 28th of February 2014

Goldsmiths, RHB Small Cinema

2.30 pm -6 pm

Sarah Beck – Precariousness, Performance and Ethical Exchanges
Jane Birkin – Writing the image: reading Allan Sekula
Mihaela Brebenel – Ready Media/Idle Media
Rima Charhour – Images of Houriyat Al Janna
Nina Pancheva-Kirkova – Collapse of a Grand Recit? Images from Socialist Realism in a Post-­‐ Communist Context
Phaedra Shanbaum – Interactivity and Aesthetics


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